In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679), this policy clearly sets out how APPLICAT SAS collects and uses personal data. By “personal data” we mean any information about a natural person who has been or can be identified.

The data we collect:

The only data we hold are those you entrust to us:

  • by filling in forms on our premises or at art fairs and other events in which we take part
  • via the contact form on our website
  • when you register on our website
  • when you interact with us on social networks
  • in other written or verbal interactions or correspondence.

The personal information we hold about you is restricted to the following:

  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone numbers
  • Your interactions with us via our website and on social networks
  • Your art interests
  • The specific activity in which you engaged with Applicat-Prazan
  • The type of activity in which you engaged with Applicat-Prazan.

We do not collect data from third parties.

How we use your data:

We collect your data for the following purposes:

  • to keep you informed about our activities
  • to invite you to art fairs and other events connected with our business activities
  • to carry out agreements entered into with you (e.g. your address for deliveries) and to comply with our legal obligations (e.g. as regards invoicing).

This information is collected and processed in line with Article 6. a), b), c) and f) of European Regulation 2016/679.

Our commitment to confidentiality:

We will not share your information with third parties, with the following exceptions:

  • law enforcement bodies, provided that the information is requested for legitimate reasons
  • contractors whose services we use to provide services to you (e.g. communicating your address to the courier firm we use for deliveries of artworks)
  • organisers of art fairs and other events in which we take part, some of whom ask us to supply contact details (usually name and email address) for the purpose of sending out invitations to individuals identified by us.

We are careful to ensure that partners and contractors only receive such data as are strictly necessary for them to carry out the agreed task. We do not share any other information with them.

Before we communicate personal data to them, our partners and contractors have to provide a firm undertaking that they guarantee the confidentiality and security of the information and will delete it as soon as the agreed task has been completed.

Protecting your data:

The personal information you entrust to us is saved in a computer file and stored on our server, which is located on our premises.

Physical access to our premises is strictly controlled and is monitored by security cameras.

Computer access to data stored on our server is governed by a strict computer security policy which is regularly assessed by qualified professionals. Our systems are protected by firewalls that are regularly upgraded.

Backup data is encrypted and held on external media in a dedicated location elsewhere than the server. Physical access to this location is also strictly controlled and monitored by security cameras. Additional data backups are made by encrypted transfer to a leading external provider which meets the following criteria:

  • The data must be stored in a data centre on French territory.
  • The host guarantees the confidentiality and security of the information by means of certified firewall systems.

The same criteria are applied to email conversations, and the contents of our mailboxes are stored with the same leading external provider.

Our staff access information from their personal computers. Each computer is protected by an individual password giving the designated user access to a session that is identified on our server. All our computers are protected by SophosTM anti-virus and anti-malware software which is regularly updated.

Your right of access, correction and erasure:

Under the modified version of the Law on Information Technology and Freedom of 6 January 1978 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, you have the right to access your personal data, to obtain and reuse it (data portability), to request that it be corrected or erased, and to restrict the ways in which that data can be used.

For legitimate reasons, you can object to your data being processed.

Provided you can produce valid proof of identity, you can exercise this right by contacting us in writing by email at , by post at our headquarters, or via the contact form on our website and our blog

If you no longer wish to receive news, information, requests or invitations from us, we will unsubscribe you as soon as we receive your instruction to do so.

For email marketing, we use MailchimpTM, whose privacy policy we feel adequately reflects our concerns. Our email newsletters contain an “unsubscribe” button enabling you to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

Our cookie policy:

Our website uses cookies. We use cookies solely to enhance your experience of our website and to collect user statistics.

Third-party cookies may be stored on your computer to personalise and/or enhance content (including advertising) offered by third parties while you are browsing our website. Different types of third-party cookie are used for different types of content. For example:

  • We sometimes include social network content on our website. When you access social network content on our website, cookies from the social network concerned may be stored on your computer. We cannot control how social networks collect information about you when you browse our website or how they may associate it with personal data they hold about you. We recommend you read the cookie policies of social networks on their own websites.
  • Flash cookies are files stored by FlashTM Flash is often installed as a browser plug-in to allow you to view dynamic visual content such as animations or video sequences. So Flash cookies may be automatically enabled when you install the application. We recommend you read the Flash cookie policy at or

If you refuse cookies or delete cookies stored on your computer, you may find that some features of the website do not work properly. This can also happen if we or our service providers are unable to identify your computer’s browser, its language and display settings, or the country from which your computer appears to be connecting to Internet (this may be necessary to ensure technical compatibility). We cannot be held liable for any consequences resulting from reduced access to our services as a result of your refusal or deletion of cookies that are necessary for the website to function properly.

Different browsers configure cookie settings in different ways. You will find information about how to manage cookie preferences in your browser’s Help menu.

To access the relevant Help menu, click on the name of your browser in the list below:

You can also enable the “Do No Track” setting in your browser. This sends a code to websites indicating that you do not wish to be tracked.

The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés ( can be contacted for further information or if you wish to make a complaint.

This English translation is provided solely for information purposes. Only the original French version of the policy is legally binding.

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